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* What are the basic rules of the library?

1. Return the borrowed books and other materials on time.
2. Return what you borrowed in good condition.
3. Keep track of your library card.
4. Do not lend your library to anyone it is not transferable only you are allowed to use it.

* What are the hours of the Library?
   The library timings are;
   Mon.- Fri. 8.30 am to 6.00pm
   Sat.- 10.00 am to 5.00 pm
   Sundays and Bank holidays are closed.

* Where is the Library located?
   Main Library is located at New Marine Lines.
   The branch library , Pune is located at Karve Road, Pune.
   The branch library is located in the Juhu campus of SNDT Women’s University, Santacruz (West), Mumbai 400 049

* What are the issue/return timings in the Library?
    Books can be issued any time from 8.30 to 5.45pm Mon. to Fri. & 10.00am to 4.45pm on Saturday. Return counter is closed
    between10.30 to 12.30 pm.

* Who can become a member? / How do I get a library card?
   Faculty, Students and researchers from SNDT Women’s University, main, Pune and Juhu campuses, educational Institutions
   and organizations are allowed to refer the Library against fees & introduction letters from their respective institutions.
   An individual affiliated to corporate bodies like industries, can use the Library as Corporate Members.
   Student/Researchers can also avail of only reading room facility.

* Where else can I use the library card?
   The library card issued in Branch Library can be used for reference only in libraries other than where the student has
    enrolled herself.

* How much does a library card Cost?
   Refer to library fee structure

* How many books I can borrow and for how long?
   Usually for students the book is issued for 4 days (2cards for UG & 3 cards for PG) and 1 book for overnight. For teaching
   staff books are issued for 1 month (20 Books). For Nonteaching staff books are issued for 15 days (2 cards) For External
   Members 15 days (1 card) For Read only Members no issue they can only use reading room facility. Guest Members can 
   issue books for current reading only.

* What if I don't have the money to pay for my overdue books?
    You can borrow the books only after you pay the fine.

* What if I don't finish my book before it is due back at the Library?
   You can reissue the book again if there is no demand from students.

* What if I can't find my book to return it?
    Inform the loss or misplacement immediately at the circulation counter.
    Then you will either you have to replace the book or pay cost of the book plus 20% replacement charges plus overdue fine.

* Do I have to have my library card with me each time I come to the Library?
   Yes it is mandatory to carry you Library card with you whenever you visit the library.

* How long is my card good for?
   For students it is usually the academic year and for others it is mostly one year.

* What types of documents are kept in the Reference Collection?
   References collection mainly contains, encyclopedias, handbooks, dictionaries, directories, atlases, audio, video and some
   rare collection.

* How can you distinguish reference books from other library collection?
   Reference books are marked “R" on left-side top corner on the front page of the book.

* Does the Library have facilities to view video cassettes?
   Yes, video cassettes can be viewed in the reference section from 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 pm on all working days except holidays,
   Saturdays and Sundays. Please contact, In charge Reference Section.

* Can we get the reference books issued?
   Reference books and journals are not issued to faculty or students but they can Xerox them, but books on current issue
   cannot be Xeroxed.

* Can we refer to thesis/dissertations? And where they are placed?
   Yes students as well as all members are allowed to refer them and it is placed in reading room on the ground floor of the

* Is there a fine for late return of books?
   Yes, books returned after due date every category of member is required to pay a fine of RS 2/- per day. All members can
   see their late fee details on OPAC

* Where can I pay library dues?
Library dues (late fees/Cost of the books) can be paid in cash, at the Circulation Counter in the reading room.

* I have lost a book, what am I required to do?
   Immediately inform to circulation in-charge of the book as lost. The latest procurement cost will be intimated to along with
   the replacement charges or you can replace the book either the same edition or the latest edition and only pay the
   replacement charges.

* How can you help in visiting other important libraries?
   The Library will issue you an introductory letter that will help you to visit other libraries.

* Are E-RESOURCES accessible to all Library members?
   Yes, access to e-resources is provided to our students/researchers/staff of SNDT as well as external members of our library
   but they have to pay internet charges.
   Charges are Rs.20/- per hour and if you want to download the article then you have to Rs.20/- for CD

* Can I connect to the Library Catalog from home?
   Yes. The Library has a web-based library catalog available from our homepage by selecting the Library Catalog

* How long can I keep materials and may I renew them?
   Loan periods and renewal limits vary depending on the type of material:
Material Category Issue Days Renewal
Books Students  2 for 4 days & 1 for overnight 3 times if there is no
  Permanent 20 books for 1 month Teaching Staff   No limit unless there is a demand for book
Teaching staff
 10 books for 1 month "
Non- Teaching 2 books for 15 days
External Members 1 book for 15 days
Magazines/Journal All Members  For Current readings only
Videos / DVDs All Members  For Current readings only  
Renew items by phone, by calling the Circulation Desk or renew online through the Web Catalog