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Hostel Rules and Regulations

Hostel Fees

The hostel fees has to be paid every semester.

The semester fees for First Semester is approximately:

Four seater: Rs.16,800/-

Two seater: Rs.18,000/- Mess Fees 2500/- per month x 10 months = Rs.25,000/-

Hostel Rules and Regulations

Mess Rules:

  • Once a student joins the hostel she is deemed to become a member of the mess until she vacates the hostel officially.
  • Food will not be served in rooms and residents are not allowed to take food to their rooms. If a resident is ill, the warden will make suitable arrangements.
  • Day scholars cannot be entertained as guests in the mess.
  • The Hostel Mess charges are payable regularly between 1st to 10th of every month, failing which the resident will be charged a fine of Rs.100/-.

Leave Rules :

  • If the student wants to take a leave/Night out she should fill the form three days in advance and inform the Warden/Assistant Warden.
  • For leave to be taken on weekdays and in case of emergencies mentors signature is must. The local guardian should come to pick up the student from the hostel.
  • When students are going on a picnic from college, they have to submit college authority letter from HOD/Principal and no-objection certificate from the local guardian.
  • Maximum of 3 leaves can be taken by a student in a month. In case of emergencies it can be extended up to 6 days.

Code of Conduct :

  • Students should bring to the notice of the Warden any pending maintenance work (Civil, Carpentry, Electrical, and Sanitation) to be carried out in rooms, corridors, toilets or other areas in hostel premises.
  • In the hostel premises following are strictly prohibited. If found strict action will be taken and fine will be charged according to the punishment.
    1. Smoking
    2. Consumption of alcoholic drinks/ drugs
    3. Gambling
    4. Intimidation or violence
    5. Willful damage to property
    6. Entering the hostel premises in intoxicated state
    7. Shouting and using abusive language in the room, hostel premises and campus
    8. Cooking in room
    9. Electrical appliances like iron box, hotplates, electric kettles will not be permitted
    10. The resident of a room is responsible for any damage to the property in the room during her occupancy of that room and will be required to replace/repair at their own cost the damage, if any.
  • All residents of the hostels must report to hostel before 8.00 pm. fine will be charged for the late comers.
  • Hostel inmates must appear in the public rooms or dining hall decently dressed covering their full body (no night suits and night gowns)