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Functions of Examination Section

It is one of the duties of the University to hold examinations and confer the degrees and post-graduate diplomas and also to award post higher secondary diplomas and certificates and other academic distinction on persons who fulfill the requisite qualification / conditions. The Examination Section of the University therefore, is the backbone of the University. The entire work of examinations is being govern by different provisions of the Maharashtra Public Universities Act, 2016, Statutes, Ordinances and Rules and Regulations made therein by the authorities of the University which are amended time to time.

The Examination Department is mainly deal with the appointment of paper setters, Examiners, Moderators, senior supervisors, preparation and publication of schedule of examinations, conduct of examinations, to get performance of the candidates at the examinations properly assessed and timely declaration of results and awarding degrees, diplomas and certificates. For the purpose of simplification, smooth and easier functioning the work of Examination.

The Department is divided into following the parts, on functional basis:

Pre-Examination work:

  • To prepare schedule of Examinations (Under Section 48 of Maharashtra Public Universities Act, 2016)
  • To appoint Paper-setters, Examiners, Moderators & Senior Supervisors (Under Section 48 (1)(h)
  • To prepare the financial estimates for incorporation in the budget of the University and submit the same to the Finance & Accounts Committee (Under Section 48 (1)(c)
  • To appoint Vigilance Squads (Under Section 48 (1)(d))
  • To appoint Directors /Co coordinator of Central Assessment Program, fix of venue of Central Assessment Programs, seating Arrangement of students, (Appendix B (I) (2)
  • To prepare Examinations Programs of all the Examinations (Time Table); making arrangement in advances at the colleges and University Departments. (Under Section 48 (1) (i) and Section (88)
  • To distribute Stationery to the concerned Centers, distribution of Question papers to the examination Centers etc.

Actual Conductance of Examination and Preparation of Results:

  • To make arrangement for Vigilance Squads
  • To visit various examinations centers
  • To make arrangement to collect the answer books from the various examinations centers
  • To ensure the assessment of answer books by the Examiners / Moderators at the CAP Centers (Under Section 48 (1)(f))
  • To get the Marks 
  • To receive the report of the Unfair means cases reported by the vigilance squads from the examination centers
  • To receive the marks of practical examinations, from the concerned Chairman, examination Centers
  • To carry out the work of an assessment of answer books, collecting marks through scanning process in digital form of mark lists from the Central Assessment Program and the Examiners
  • To process the result on Computers & to publish the ledger copy on mail & DU portal (Under Section 48 (1)(d) and Section (89)
  • To declare the results of various examinations, and display on DU Portal and University Web Site and to send the result etc. to the colleges concerned (Under Section 48 (1)(d) and Section (89)

Post Examination work:

  • To receive the verification and Revaluation forms from the colleges/Students
  • To make the arrangement for the verification and revaluation of answer books
  • To send the result of verification and revaluation to the colleges/Students
  • To receive application for degrees, diplomas and Certificates 
  • The Management Council may institute and confer such degrees, diplomas, certificates and other academic distinctions as may be recommended by the Academic Council (Under Section 128 (1))
  • The convocation of the university shall be held at least once during an academic year in the manner prescribed by the statutes for conferring degrees post graduate diplomas or for any other purpose (Under Section 130)
  • To make the arrangement for distribution of degrees, diplomas and certificates 
  • To make arrangement of the answer books received from the examination centers / CAP and preserve the record of examination
  • To issue Duplicate mark sheet/s, Transcript, Ranking Certificates, Verification of certificate on the request of Institution / Agencies or students 
  • To deal with the cases of Unfair means, lapses on the part of the students and teachers respectively (Under Section 48 (5)(a)(b)
  • To issue revised mark sheets on the basis of change in revaluation etc
  • To make available the statistical /other examination Report / information to the Honorable Chancellor’s office/UGC/State Government time to time

To perform the work pertaining to examinations such as appointment of Paper setters, Examiners, Moderators, Senior Supervisors preparation and publication of schedule of examinations conduct of examinations, to get performance of candidates at the examinations properly assessed and timely declaration of results and awarding degrees, diplomas and Certificates. The examination Department has following section as per examination of the particular faculties.

  • Section – I    Faculty of Science & Technology
  • Section – II    Faculty of Commerce & Management
  • Section – III    Faculty of Humanity
  • Section – IV    Faculty of Interdisciplinary 
  • Section – V    Confidential matters
  • Section – IV   Degree/Transcript/Authentication and Migration
  • Section – V    Ph. D / Unfair means  
  • Section – VI   Accounts
  • Section – VII  General Administration
  • Section – VIII Inward / outward
  • Section – IX   Stores
  • Section – X    Computer Centre