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Fee Structure

Sr. No. Name of the document Prescribed fee
1. Enrollment form fee NA
2. Enrollment fee Rs.250/-
3. Eligibility form fee NA
4. Eligibility fee Rs.250/-
5. Eligibility fee for foreign student Rs.1250/-
6. Migration Certificate / Confirmation of Migration Certificate Rs.255/-
7. Degree / Diploma Certificate Rs.375/-
8. Duplicate Degree/Diploma certificate Rs.750/-
9. Passing/Provisional Passing Certificate Rs.150/-
10. Rank Certificate Rs. 150/-
11. Duplicate Mark sheet Rs. 150/-
(Duplicates copy of University level examinations will only be provided.)
12. Conversion of Grade pattern Marksheet to Percentage Pattern Marksheet Rs.150/-
13. Percentage Certificate Rs.150/-
14. Transfer Certificate Rs.150/-
15. Transcript fee
  1. Rs.500/- need to be paid at College for each Professional course

  2. Rs.1000/- need to be paid at Examination Department (Pariksha Bhawan) for each professional course.
    (The concerned college/ University Department/Institution and the University will issue two sets of transcripts on payment of above mentioned fees. For each extra copy Rs.200 will be charged.)
16. Authentification of Certificate
Authority Indian Organizations Foreign Organizations
  Company / Employer Rs. *500/- (for 2 sets) Rs. *1500/- (for 2 sets)
Educational Institutes Rs. *500/- (for 2 sets) Rs. *1500/- (for 2 sets)
*It is compulsory for an authority to provide an official letter for Educational Documents Verification.
  Rs. 200/- will be charged for each set of extra copy.
17. Examination Fees
18. Verification of marks Rs.30/- per paper
19. Photocopy of answer book Rs.150/- per paper
20. Re-evaluation of answer book Rs.750/- per paper