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BMK-Knowledge Resource Centre members have access to the following online resources & databases
e-RESOURCES under -UGC INFONET Consortia (IP Based)

CUP is both an academic and educational publisher. It covers subjects like Science; technology; medicine; humanities; social sciences; English language teaching; education. Through the consortium, 224 Cambridge University Press journals are available with back files since 1997. 

Link: http://journals.cambridge.org/ 
2. EMERALD (LIS Collection)

Emerald Group Publishing covers journals and books in business and management with a strong and growing presence in disciplines including LIS, social sciences, engineering, linguistics and audiology. All of Emerald research journals are peer-reviewed to ensure the highest quality. 

Link: http://www.emeraldinsight.com/ 

The Consortium provides current as well as archival access to more than 4500 core and peer-reviewed journals and nine bibliographic databases from 23 publishers and aggregators in different disciplines. These e-resources covers almost all subject disciplines including arts, humanities, social sciences, physical sciences, chemical Sciences, life sciences, computer sciences, mathematics and statistics, etc. 

Link: http://jccc.ugcinfonet.in/ 

It offers high-quality, interdisciplinary content to support scholarship and teaching. It includes over one thousand leading academic journals across the humanities, social sciences, and sciences, as well as select monographs and other materials valuable for academic work.

Link: http://www.jstor.org/ 

It offers the following subjects. Architecture and Design, Behavioral Science, Biomedical and Life Sciences, Business and Economics, Chemistry and Materials Science, Computer Science, Earth and Environmental Science,Engineering, Humanities, Social Sciences and Law, Mathematics and Statistics, Medicine, Physics and Astronomy, Professional and Applied Computing.

Link: http://www.springerlink.com/ 

Indian National Digital Library in Engineering Sciences and Technology. It offers subjects in engineering, science & technology. 

Link :http://paniit.iitd.ac.in/indest/ 
7.     Manupatra

Manupatra providing legal, taxation, corporate and business policy databases. It covers almost 300 journals. It also offers Case law database, legislation database, notification database and business & policy database.

Link : http://www.manupatra.com  
8. All India Reporter

It includes all high court, Supreme Court cases weekly updates from 1950-2014.

Link : http://www.airwebworld.com/  
9. ELSEVIER Pharmacy

Access to 70 Pharmacy Journals from the areas of Pharmacology, Toxicology and Pharmaceutical Science.

Link :  http://www.elsevier.com/journals/subjects/pharmacy  

Delivering full text access to the world's highest quality technical literature in engineering and technology

Link: http://www.ieeexplore.ieee.org/ 
11. CMIE Prowess (Server based access)

Prowess is a database of the financial performance of over 27,000 companies. It includes all companies traded on the National Stock Exchange and the Bombay Stock Exchange, thousands of unlisted public limited companies and hundreds of private limited companies. Prowess contains time-series data from 1998-99.
  Databases Subscribed & Available in the Library (ID & Password Based)
 1. Indiastat.com

Indiastat.com is owned by Datanet India. Indiastat.com serves with authentic and perhaps the most comprehensive compilation of secondary level socio-economic statistical information about India and its states on various socio-economic parameters. These parameters are: General Info, Demographics, Economy, Agriculture, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs, Environment and Forest, Industries, Infrastructure, Companies, Education, Health, Housing, Labour& Workforce, Polity, Media, Insurance, Tourism, Crime & Law, Social Welfare & Developmental Schemes etc. It provides secondary level statistical information about India, its states, regions and sector. Indiastat.com is a cluster of 56 associate websites wherein 19 websites are sector-specific, 6 are regional websites and 31 websites are state-specific.

Link : http://www.indiastat.com/
 2. EPWRF India Time Series (EPWRFITS)

EPWRF is disseminating data in the time-series format, using various modes of publications, hard copy as well as electronic modes. In this context, it has been observed that the CDs brought out by the EPWRF have been quite popular. The datasets have been structured under various modules: Financial Markets, Banking Statistics, Domestic Product of States of India, Finances of State Governments, Combined Government Finances, National Accounts Statistics, Price Indices, Agricultural Statistics, Power Sector, Industrial Production, Annual Survey of Industries, External Sector, Finances of the Government of India.

Link : http://www.epwrfits.in/
3. J-Gate

J-Gate is an electronic gateway to global e-journal literature. Launched in 2001 by Informatics India Limited, J-Gate provides seamless access to millions of journal articles available online offered by 13,161 Publishers. It presently has a massive database of journal literature, indexed from 44,695 e-journals with links to full text at publisher sites. J-Gate also plans to support online subscription to journals, electronic document delivery, archiving and other related services. Database - A comprehensive searchable database with 47,004,299 articles, with 10,000+ articles added every day. J-Gate provides access to 6,291 online-only journals, which are not available in print. Captures and indexes articles from more than 23,281 open-access e-journals and maintains links to them. Provides links to over 6,791,306 open-access articles. Presently links to e-journals from 13,161 publishers. This useful feature enables a J-Gate subscriber to check the availability of journals in local libraries. The J-Gate site is updated every day, ensuring the freshness and reliability of content.

Link : http://jgateplus.com/
4. ProQuest Central (Covers below 30 databases) 

This database serves as the central resource for researchers at all levels. Covering more than 160 subject areas, ProQuest Central is the largest aggregated database of periodical content. This award-winning online reference resource features a highly-respected, diversified mix of content including scholarly journals, trade publications, magazines, books, newspapers, reports and videos. This database covers following subjects: Arts, Business, Health & Medicine, History, Literature & Language, News & Newspapers, Science & Technology and Social Sciences.

Link: http://search.proquest.com/
No. Name of Database URL
1. ABI/INFORM Complete http://search.proquest.com/abicomplete/ 
2. Accounting & Tax http://search.proquest.com/accounting
3. Banking Information Source http://search.proquest.com/bankinginformation
4. Canadian Newsstand Complete http://search.proquest.com/canadiannews/
5. CBCA Complete http://search.proquest.com/cbcacomplete
6. Hoover's Company Profiles http://search.proquest.com/hooverscompany/
7. OxResearch http://search.proquest.com/oxresearch/
8. Pharmaceutical News Index http://search.proquest.com/pharmanews
9. Asian Business & Reference http://search.proquest.com/asianbusiness/
10. Biology Journals http://search.proquest.com/biologyjournals/
11. Career and Technical Education http://search.proquest.com/careerarts/
12. Computing http://search.proquest.com/computing/
13. Criminal Justice http://search.proquest.com/criminaljusticeperiodicals/
14. Education Journals http://search.proquest.com/education/
15. European Business http://search.proquest.com/europeanbusiness/
16. Family Health http://search.proquest.com/familyhealth/
17. Health & Medical Complete http://search.proquest.com/healthcomplete/
18. Health Management http://search.proquest.com/healthmanagement/
19. Military Collection http://search.proquest.com/military/
20. Newsstand http://search.proquest.com/newsstand/
21. Nursing & Allied Health Source http://search.proquest.com/nursing/
22. Political Science http://search.proquest.com/politicalscience/
23. Psychology Journals http://search.proquest.com/psychology/
24. Religion http://search.proquest.com/religion/
25. Research Library http://search.proquest.com/pqrlarts/
26. Science Journals http://search.proquest.com/sciencejournals/
27. Social Science Journals http://search.proquest.com/socscijournals/
28. Sociology http://search.proquest.com/sociology/
29. Telecommunications http://search.proquest.com/telecomms/
30. Snapshots http://search.proquest.com/snapshots/
5. ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Full Text

ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Full Text covers collection of dissertations and theses on humanities and social sciences from year 1637 to present.

Link: http://search.proquest.com/
6. EBSCO-  Communication and mass media

Communication & Mass Media Complete provides the most robust, quality research solution in areas related to communication and mass media. It incorporates the content of CommSearch and Mass Media Articles Index along with numerous other journals in communication, mass media, and other closely-related fields of study to create a research and reference resource of unprecedented scope and depth encompassing the breadth of the communication discipline. CMMC offers cover-to-cover (“core”) indexing and abstracts for more than 570 journals, and selected (“priority”) coverage of nearly 200 more, for a combined coverage of more than 770 titles. Furthermore, this database includes full text for over 450 journals

Link: https://search.ebscohost.com

PsycARTICLES® is a robust database offering complete access to the full text of nearly 80 landmark journals contains more than 163,000 articles in behavioral science and related fields ranging from education, to nursing, to business, to neuroscience.  It includes all journal articles, book reviews, letters to the editor, and errata from each journal. Coverage spans 1894 to present.

Link: https://search.ebscohost.com
 8. i-Scholar

i-Scholar is a digital library of peer-reviewed scholarly journals which facilitates institutions and individual users to browse, subscribe and access to the scholarly content. i-Scholar is the "Collection of Journals" provided by Informatics. The i-Scholar gateway opens the delivery platform for both academic as well as corporate research segments. i-Scholar is the unique platform to access full-text content from several leading Indian and International Publishers. I-Scholar has various Subject Collections of your interest from both subscription and open access journals.

Link: http://www.ischolarglobal.com/  

No. of titles
  1. Global Journal of Enterprise Information System
  2. Indian Journal of Industrial Relations: Economics & Social Dev
  3. International Journal of Business Analytics and Intelligence
  4. International Journal of Financial Management
  5. International Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Systems
  6. International Journal of Information Library and Society
  7. International Journal of Management Prudence
  8. International Journal of Marketing and Business Communication
  9. International Journal on Customer Relations
  10. International Journal on Leadership
  11. Journal of Commerce and Accounting Research
  12. Journal of Entrepreneurship & Management
  13. Journal of Hospitality Application and Research
  14. Journal of Organization and Human Behaviour
  15. Journal of Strategic Human Resource Management
  16. OPUS: Annual HR Journal
  17. Journal of Management Research
  18. PRIMA: Practices and Research in Marketing
  19. Social Work Chronicle
  20. Indian Journal of Finance and Economic Management
  21. Indian Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences
  22. Indian Journal of Management and Indian Business Studies
  23. Indian Journal of Advances in Electronic Engineering
  24. nternational Journal of Biomedical and Healthcare Science
  25. International Journal of Educational Administration
  26. International Journal of Educational Planning and Administration
  27. International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences
  28. International Journal of Librarianship and Administration
  29. International Journal of Psychology and Counseling
  30. Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology
  31. International Journal of Nursing Care
  32. Asian Journal of Management
  33. Asian Journal of Nursing Education and Research
  34. Asian Journal of Pharmacy and Technology
  35. Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research
  36. International Journal of Advances in Social Sciences
No. Name of the Journal(s) URL
1. Bio scope: South Asian Screen Studies http://bio.sagepub.com
2. British Journal of Visual Impairment http://Jvi.sagepub.com
3. Contributions to Indian Sociology http://cis.sagepub.com
4. Environment and Urbanization Asia http://eua.sagepub.com
5. Focus on Autism & Other Developmental Disabilities http://foa.sagepub.com 
6. Human Factor   http://www.sagepub.in/journals/Journal201912
7. India Quarterly http://iqq.sagepub.com
8. Indian Economic & Social History Review http://ier.sagepub.com/
9. Indian Historical Review http://ihr.sagepub.com
10. Indian Journal of Gender Studies http://ije.sagepub.com
11. International Journal of Rural Management http://irm.sagepub.com
12. Journal of Developing Societies http://jds.sagepub.com
13. Journal of Early Intervention http://Jei.sagepub.com
14. Journal of Emerging Market Finance http://emf.sagepub.com
15. Journal of Entrepreneurship    http://joe.sagepub.com
16. Journal of Health Management http://jhm.sagepub.com
17. Journal of Infrastructure Development http://jie.sagepub.com
18. Journal of Intellectual Disabilities http://jid.sagepub.com/
19. Journal of Interdisciplinary Economics http://jie.sagepub.com
20. Journal of Learning Disabilities  http://ldx.sagepub.com/
21. Journal of Management http://www.sagepub.in/journals/Journal201724
22. Journal of Special Education http://www.sagepub.com/journals/Journal201881
23. Margin Journal of Applied Economic Research http://mar.sagepub.com
24. Marketing Theory http://mtq.sagepub.com
25. Media, Culture & Society http://Mcs.sagepub.com
26. Psychology & Developing Societies http://pds.sagepub.com
27. Social Change http://sch.sagepub.com
28. Studies in History http://sih.sagepub.com
29. Teacher Education & Special Education http://Tes.sagepub.com 
30. Vision http://vis.sagepub.com/
No. Name of the Journal(s) Publisher URL
1. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition American Society for Nutrition http://ajcn.nutrition.org
2. Childhood Education Taylor & Francis www.acei.org
3. Down to earth Society for Environmental Communication http://www.downtoearth.org.in
4. Economic and Political Weekly EPW Research Foundation www.epw.in
5. Electronics for you EFY Enterprises pvt Ltd www.electronicsforu.com/
6. Indian  Journal of Gender Studies Sage publication http://ijg.sagepub.com
7. Journal of Entrepreneurship Sage publication http://joe.sage.com
8. Journal of the American Dietetic Association Elsevier www.andjrnl.org/
9. Nutrition  Today American Society for Nutrition www.nutrition.org
10. The Journal of Nutrition American Society for Nutrition http://jn.nutrition.org
11. Vikalpa Journal Sage publication http://vik.sagepub.com
12. Young Children    naeyc www.naeyc.org
No. Name of the Journal(s) Publisher URL
1. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition American Society for Nutrition http://ajcn.nutrition.org
2. Down to Earth Society for Environmental Communication http://www.downtoearth.org.in/archives/
3. Economic & Political Weekly Economic & Political Weekly: Sameeksha Trust www.epw.in
4. Harvard Business Review  Harvard Business Publishing http://hbr.org
5. Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Wolters Kluwer http://www.ijpsonline.com
6. Journal of Brand Management Palgrave Macmillan www.researchgate.net
7. Journal of Nutrition    American Society for Nutrition http://jn.nutrition.org
8. World Digital Libraries TERI Press https://bookstore.teri.res.in/