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  1. Circular regarding University Grants Commission (UGC) Notice towards Revised rates of the UGC Fellowships w.e.f. 01.01.2023  

  2. Circular for Surrender of PAN of Departments/Institutions  

  3. Circular regarding Revised Delegation of powers for Opening of Quotations and Tenders/GEM Procedures  

  4. Circular regarding Revised Budget for 2023-24 and Budget Estimates for 2024-25  

  5. Circular regarding Process of Budget Training on Saturday 21st October 2023  

  6. Circular regarding the Declarations to be given for submission of status to Finance and Accounts Committee periodically  

  7. Checklist for Statutory Compliances  

  8. circular regarding delegation of Powers for Opening of Quotation and Tenders/GEM Procedures  

  9. Circular regarding Inclusion of Details in Note Sheet for Payments  

  10. Circular for Outsourcing of Accounts Writing for completion of pending Books of Accounts  

  11. Circular for Conducting Workshop/Seminar on National Pension Scheme  

  12. Circular for Procedure to be followed for obtaining fresh approvals to be taken in every Financial Year  

  13. Circular for Procedure to be followed for change in chronology