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  1. Proforma for Submission of The Proposal for Administrative Approval    New

  2. Proforma for Sanction & Drawal of an Advance    New

  3. Proforma Bill Cum Voucher    New

  4. Proforma for Submission of The Proposal for Financial Approval    New

  5. GST Permanent Certificate of SNDT Women's University    New

  6. Following The University Account Code - 2012  

  7. Circular for Updating & Submitting the Service Books  

  8. Circular for Regarding Revision of Rates of HRA & Continuation of Payment of CLA To The State Govt.  

  9. Circular for Quoting University Pan No.  

  10. Circular for Completion of Trial Balance for The Yr.2012 for 13  

  11. Circular for Receipt of Money and Remittance of daily receipts  

  12. Circular for Remittance of Fees  

  13. Circular for Grant and Settlement of advance  

  14. Circular for Guidelines Procedure For Invitation & Finalisation Of Quotation/Tender  

  15. Circular for Guidelines Financial Approval for the Purchase/Expenditure  

  16. Circular for Guidelines Administrative Approval  

  17. Circular for Availability of White Board, Chalk Board on DGS&D Rate Contract  

  18. Circular for Uploading of Accounting Template  

  19. Circular Guidelines Disposal of Unserviceable Items of Dead Stock  

  20. Circular Bank Challan Slip for Departmental Receipt other than Student Fee  

  21. Circular Investment of Surplus Fund  

  22. Circular for Remittance of the Deposit Amount towards the Salary Fund.  

  23. Circular for Training Cum Orientation Programme on 15.4.2013  

  24. Circular Guidelines for Timely Completion of Bank Reconciliation & Verification of Daily Financial Transaction With Bank Statement  

  25. Proforma for Submission of The Proposal For Financial Approval  

  26. Proforma for Submission of the Proposal for Administrative Approval  

  27. Proforma For The Approval Of Proposal By The Purchase Committee  

  28. Proposal for Financial Approval for outsourcing of Services/Equipment/Machinery etc...  

  29. Indicative Staffing Pattern at SNDTWU  

  30. A) Circular for Salary Grant in Aid Assessment  

    B) Annexure I  

    C) Proforma for Assessment Programme - Cir. Encl  

  31. Circular for Closure of the Financial Year 2012-13  

  32. Circular for Delegation of Administrative & Financial Powers  

  33. Circular for Guidelines Axis Bank Opening of SB Account  

  34. Circular for Work Flow Process Reforms  

  35. Circular guidelines for Bi-monthly Reconciliation of the Receipts & Payments in respect of Financial Transaction  

  36. Circular Guidelines for Remittance of Fees & Management of Receipts & Expenditure  

  37. Circular for UGC XII Plan Allocation Guidelines (2012-17)  

  38. Revised Procedure of Payment Unaided Salary & Other Related payments  

  39. Circular for Exemption Form Payment of Octroi Under X Form Procedure  

  40. Opening of the Saving Bank Account With the canara Bank, SNDT Women's University Juhu Campus Branch  

  41. Revised Budget for F.Y.2013-14 alongwith Budget Estimates for the F.Y.2014-15  

  42. Compliance On The Audit Observation Raised By The Int.Audi. Ray & Ray  

  43. Budget Circular for The Year 2013-14 & 2014-15  

  44. Audit of Gymkhana Account  

  45. Authentication of Financials & Management Representation Letter  

  46. Completion of Internal Audit for The Year 2012-13  

  47. Revised Budget for 2015-16 and Budget Estimates for 2016-17  

  48. Proforma for Submission of Purchase Proposal for Approval of Purchase Committee   New