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Divya Pongde

Divya Pongde

I’m thankful to my college and my teachers who thought that I would be ideal for this opportunity. It was an overwhelming experience to walk on the Rajpath along with all other defense contingents of our nation. I had to go through a number a selection rounds like :

• The college level selections at SNDT University-Pune

• University level selections at Shivaji College-Solapur, Barshi

• Zonal level selections at Sreyas Institute of engineering- Hyderabad

Even after getting selected for the National level RD Parade camp at Delhi, out of 200 NSS Volunteers only 148 selected NSS Volunteers get to be a part of the NSS Contingent on the Rajpath.Not only was I the part of contingent but also I was the left guide behind the main commander, which also means that I was amongst the four commanders who were leading the NSS Contingent. I was also a part of the NSS cultural performance which was presented in front of our honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi.

I’m grateful to everyone who supported me. My parents and teachers are a huge backbone to my achievements. I’m obliged that I got this opportunity to march along with so many great people and meet so many dignitaries of our nation like our President, Vice President, Prime Minister, Minister of youth affairs and sports, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra and the Education Minister of Maharashtra.

Being the only girl to be selected from all over Mumbai I had a really big responsibility upon my shoulders to represent my college, my university and my state by being a part of the National Republic Day Parade NSS Contingent 2018.