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Research and Grants

The University received grants from UGC, ICSSR and other funding bodies, and also attracted Consultancies and Endowments, as well as CSR support.

  • The University received total grant of Rs. 45.3 Lakh through FCRA under Harvest Plus (Rs. 36.6 Lakh), Barrington Education Initiative (Rs. 6.8 Lakh), Shastri Indo Canadian Institution of Studies scheme (Rs. 1.9 Lakh).
  • The University received grant of Rs. 7 Lakh for its Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Chair from UGC.  
  • Research Centre for Women’s Studies received Rs. 70.7 Lakh from UGC.
  • Department of Hindi received Rs. 25 Lakh from UGC.
  • Other prestigious grants were NID Cell (Rs. 12.44 Lakh), Rajiv Gandhi National fellowship (Rs. 6.76 Lakh), Vishveshvaraya PhD Scheme (Rs. 5.41 Lakh), Women's Scientist Scheme  (Rs. 7.5 Lakh), M Pharma Grant (Rs. 9 Lakh), BSR Fellowship (Rs. 17.18 Lakh), JRF/SRf (Rs. 18 Lakh) and ICSSR (Rs. 2.4 Lakh).
  • International Research Grants of USDA: 2.5 Crores have been granted to Dr Jagmeet Madan, Dr Shobha Udipi, Dr Rama Vaidya and Ms Sheryl Salis (2017-18): Effect of Almond Consumption on blood glucose Regulation and Cardio Metabolic Risk Factors in Adolescents and Young adults (16-25 Years) with Pre diabetes.
  • Department of Continuing and Adult Education & Extension Work has completed a large eContent Development project worth Rs 105 lakh under ePGPathshala Scheme of UGC to develop eContent in ‘Adult Education’.
    Prof. Vandana Chakrabarti, Director, Adult and Continuing Education is the Principal Investigator. Various Departments were taken as partners in order to generate content and the final product will soon be uploaded.
  • Ms. Poornima Chikaramane, Department of Adult and Continuing Education, Sub-Centre, Pune:
    • Three year MOU signed with Tech Mahindra Foundation in March 2017 for 4 months skills training and placement of 130 underprivileged young women in accounts and office administration to increase their employability. Project commenced in May 2017 and is supported by the Tech Mahindra Foundation with an annually renewable grant of 25 lakh.
    • Economic Empowerment of Waste pickers through Scrap Market Intervention supported by WIEGO; Capacity Building and Leadership Development of Waste pickers in Savings-Credit Cooperation supported by WIEGO; Mapping Change among Waste pickers in Pune supported by WIEGO. (Total value of projects: Rs.30 lakh).
  • BMN College of Home Science affiliated to SNDTWU is recipient of grant of Rs 150 Lakh from UGC on being awarded College with Potential for Excellence status. Their parent body Seva Mandal Education Society received a grant of Rs 53 lakhs from SAS Institute [India] Pvt. Ltd for upgradation of classrooms and imparting skill development under their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiative. Under the initiative, the college now has 7 advance classrooms and 1 basic classroom.
  • MMP Shah Mahila college established Academic Advancement Centre, SAS-CSR funded smart classrooms, Employability Skills Training Programme. The college received a grant of Rupees 150 Lakh from University Grants Commission (UGC) for College with Potential for Excellence (CPE). Dr. Kaveri Pal received a Gold medal from National Centre of Quality Management and Ms. Archana Patki received FDP Fellowship.
  • Prof. Anuradha Sovani, Department of Psychology, Churchgate has worked through 2016-17 on a Corporate Consultancy Grant of Rs. 10 Lakh for psychometric recruitment tool construction from Stairwell Ventures. The online immersive gamification tool is called Nautics.
  • Department of Gujarati continued to run the prestigious project SAP DRS Phase-III and received Rs. 9 Lakh in 2016-17.
  • Prof. Sovani has also completed a Shastri Grant Project “Knowledge Mobilization for Stigma Reduction” through Shastri Indo-Canadian Grant of $CAD 12,000/- (approx. Rs. 6 Lakh).
  • International Pediatric Nutrition Practice Group Grant (PNPG research grant award-2017) from American academy of nutrition and dietetics has been awarded to Dr. Jagmeet Madan, Nida Shaikh – a Collaboration with Emory University Atlanta, USA. (5000 US $). Ms. Panchali Moitra worked as a co-investigator on ‘Development and validation of a novel dietary assessment tool for adolescents (13-19 years)’ under this project.
  • The Department of Sociology, Mumbai received a Grant of Rs 1 Lakh from UGC.
  • Dr. Sarika Sawant of SHPT School of Library Science completed a minor research project of Rs. 28,500/- funded by Center for Canadian Studies, SNDTWU (2016-17).
  • Dr. Nancy Fernandes and Dr. Shobha Gaikwad of L T College of Nursing completed a project “Birthing experience of women who have undergone normal delivered in a selected community in India” funded through Shastri Research grant.
  • Dr. Manjit Kaur Chauhan of Department of Resource management completed a self funded project on “Workplace Assessment of Pregnant Working and Non-Working Women”.
  • Dr. Archana Bhatnagar, Head, Department of Resource Management, has an ongoing self funded project on Assessment of Lay out design of Museums as learning experience among children.
  • 6 minor research projects (Total: 18 lakh) have been awarded to faculty of Food Nutrition and Dietetics, Resource Management, Textile and Apparel Design and Mass Communication and Extension of SVT college.
  • PV Polytechnic has been selected by Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Govt of India for setting up eCell with grant of Rs 12.20 Lakh.
  • Dr. Jagmeet Madan and Ms. Panchali Moitra have worked on Development and validation of a novel dietary assessment tool for adolescents (13-19 years).
  • PV Polytechnic Alumnae Association has set up N-Computing Laboratory at PV Polytechnic (Amount spent Rs 1 Lakh).
  • SUUTI grants of Rs. 40,000/- each were availed of by the following faculty members of C.U. Shah college of Pharmacy: Meenakshi Nehete, Tanmayee Joshi, Prachi Mehendale and Rohini Waghmare.
  • Dr. T. Geetha, JDBIMS completed a project on ‘Composition of Trade between Canada and India’, funded by UGC Area Study Center for Canadian Studies, SNDT Women’s University. Amount of funds utilized is Rs. 25,497/-.
  • Dr. Rohini Sudhakar, CAEE and Dr. Nalini Patil of College of Education Pune have been funded projects from UGC and ICSSR respectively.
  • Dr. Pratima Tatke, Principal C. U. Shah College of Pharmacy, Department of Human Development, Department of Educational Technology continued their ongoing projects in 2016-17.
  • Maniben Nanavati Women’s College Dept. of Hindi has an MoU with the Guangdong University of Foreign University, China and Udayana University Bali, Indonesia.
  • The college also received grant of Rs. 7.85 Lakh for 3 projects under UGC XII Plan, International Seminar Grant of Rs. 2.10 Lakh from ICSSR, New Delhi and CHD Publication Grant of Rs.  46,400/- from Ministry of HRD.
  • Faculty from Shri M D Shah Mahila College of Arts & Commerce have minor research project grants of Rs. 76,000/- and their Department of History has a Seminar grant from ICHR for Rs. 1.80 lakh. Their Sociology Department has received a one lakh research grant from Keihen Fie Pvt Ltd for the Intergenerational Interaction programme.