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  • “Food Waste in South Mumbai” by Dr. Sujata Gokhale; published by Prarup Publication, Kolhapur.
    (ISBN 978-81-927211-1-6)

  • “Colours and Colour Symbolism in Ancient Buddhism and Hinduism: Reflections In Art And Rituals”, Conserving Buddhist Heritage (in Honour of Vibha Upadhyay), Proceedings of the Conference organised by Centre for Museology and Conservation and Buddhist Studies Centre, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur, Pub. Literary Circle, Jaipur, 2017, pp. 29-41. (ISBN: 978-93-85445-35-4)

  • Publications by faculty of Maniben Nanvati Women’s College are as follows
  •      “The Catalyst (Novel)” by Dr. Jayashree Palit, published by Notion Press (978-1-947586-95-6).
  •      “Deviance, Conformity & Social Control” in James Reaney’s Oeuvres 978-93-87281-13-4,
    Authors Press (March 2017)  
  •      “Fun Filled Fitness for Kids” by Dr. Rita Patil, published by Open Crayons.com ISBN 978-93-86487-11-7