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Department of Psychology, Pune

About Department

The Department of Psychology at SNDT Pune is a large and dynamic Post graduate Department established in 1984 offering Masters and Doctoral programs in Counseling catering to a large student strength from Maharashtra as well as various parts of the country. The uniqueness of the department is to imparting qualitative knowledge of highly technical and scientific subject in the vernacular of Maharashtra. The program offered consists predominantly of hands on training in various professional domains of psychology, along with creation of a strong base in Psychological theory and Research methodology in Psychology.

The teaching in this Department is multi-method, including a wide range of techniques ranging from lectures, case presentations, simulations, live field based cases and discussions, poster exhibitions, workshops, and assignments, including open book exams. The research component too is demanding but readies the student for professional writing for publishing and presentations in their chosen field.

The faculty also conducts remedial sessions, sessions where students more comfortable with languages other than English are accommodated and trained, although the medium of instruction is English.

Our Masters program in Psychology has a very strong research component, part of the 80 credits earned. This component carries 200 marks and involves completion of an empirical data based Dissertation which is evaluated by external experts.

Job placements
Typically, students are absorbed into the fabric of professional psychology in the city and surround through campus placement, networking by faculty with various NGO, GOs, corporates and research organizations where students who pass out of the Department can be absorbed.

Evaluation Evaluation comprises of 50% internal assessment and 50% external examinations, which ensures continuous assessment and involvement of the student all through the year, with a high level of motivation to perform.

- To train and prepare students who demonstrate multi cultural diversity, awareness, knowledge and skill in their personal and professional life.

- To facilitate students professional identity development as psychologists and foster strong commitment to ethical practice in Psychology

To achieve excellence in the teaching, learning, research and practices for constructing healthy society through psychology.

To promote mental health of normal people through scientific intervention techniques of counselling.