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Quarantine Well Being and Adaptability Assessment Test

SNDT Women's University

NSS Cell

 SNDTWU conducting "Quarantine Well Being and Adaptability Assessment Test".

Lock down during Covid 19 Pandemic has affected each of us in many different ways.

Hereby, Department of Child Development & NSS Unit, Maniben Nanavati Women’s College in Collaboration with *National Service Scheme Cell, *SNDT Women’s University*, has taken an initiative to help students to understand their *Well being and Adaptability during Quarantine*

It is very important to identify the current status of well being to remain healthy and happy.

  • There are no right or wrong answers in the assessment. Students can match their scores with the score sheet after submission. Possible suggestions are attached as per the well being and adaptability scores.
  • E-certificate will be provided to the participants on completion.

To participate, click the link below