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Solar Powered Weather Station for Climate Monitoring at UMIT

Installation of Solar Powered Weather Station for Climate Monitoring
at Usha Mittal Institute Of Technology, SNDTWU, Juhu

Usha Mittal Institute of Technology in collaboration with City University of New York (CUNY) carried out the installation of a Solar Powered Weather Station on 2nd January 2023, the event was presided over by Honorable Madam Vice Chancellor Prof. Ujwala Chakradeo. The weather station installation is a collaborative project between City University of New York (CUNY) and SNDT Women’s University, as a part of the MoU signed by the two Universities for academic collaboration.  The project is funded by the National Science Foundation collaborative grant to monitor air pollution and weather on a micro-scale in Mumbai.

Installation of the weather station started at 7.30 am at UMIT which was followed by a formal ceremony during which Honorable Madam Vice Chancellor Prof. Ujwala Chakradeo inaugurated the Solar Powered Weather Station. Prof Neal Philip, Prof Brian Van Hull, Prof Paramita Sen, from the City University of New York, Dr. Vilas Nandavadekar, Registrar, SNDTWU, Dr. Shikha Nema, Principal, UMIT, Dr. Pratima Tatke, Dean, Faculty of Science and Technology and  Principal, C. U. Shah College of Pharmacy, Dr. Manjit Kaur Chauhan, Campus in-charge, SNDTWU Juhu campus, Dr. Jayashree Shinde, Head, Department of Educational Technology, Heads of various departments and faculty members at UMIT and other colleges under SNDTWU, as well as students from UMIT and from the Science, Technology and Public Policy Department of the City University of New York were present at the event.

Principal of  UMIT, Dr. Shikha Nema addressed the gathering and expressed her delight at having being given the opportunity to host students and faculty members CUNY since early morning to witness the event of installation of Solar Power Weather Station at UMIT, SNDT Women’s University, Juhu Campus.  Principal mam then shared the glimpses of the achievements of the faculty and students of UMIT and the  contribution made by  UMIT in the technical education for women following in tune with the  Vision and Mission of UMIT. Madam also shared the future plans of UMIT and emphasized that UMIT is committed to continue the legacy of SNDT Women’s University.

Dr. Sanjay Shitole, Head of Information Technology Department, welcomed Honorable guests Prof. Neal Philip, Prof Brian Van Hull, Prof Paramita Sen from the City University of New York and requested them to share their valuable insights with audience.
Prof. Neal Philip explained that the weather station will generate real time data and reports of relative temperature, wind speed, wind direction, relative humidity, Ultravoilet radiation, rainfall collector, air quality, pollution level, solar radiation and carbon dioxide levels in Mumbai which can be accessed from anywhere.
In his address to the gathering, Prof. Brian Van Hull provided an overview of ongoing research work on climate change at Bronx Community College (BCC), CUNY and future collaboration with SNDT Women’s University. During his talk he pointed out that both the institutions have similar research interests in the field of Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence that will open up more avenues for research collaboration. He showed his interests for more collaborative research with UMIT.
Registrar Sir, Dr. Vilas Nandavadekar expressed his happiness for witnessing this event and mentioned that SNDT Women’s University is also interested for more collaborative research work at technical as well as at administrative level with CUNY.
Hon. Vice Chancellor madam expressed her happiness and congratulated everyone for having a start of new year with this special occasion which is academically important for students, faculties and society. Hon. Vice Chancellor madam, envisioned the importance of technical and cultural exchange that will be brough through this collaboration with CUNY. Hon. Vice Chancellor has also recounted the beauty and glory of Indian Culture to our Foreign Delegates. Hon. Vice Chancellor, mentioned that SNDT Women’s University is now set not only to empowered women but to make them source of empowerment for others as well.

During an interactive session, students from UMIT and CUNY expressed their views about the newly installed weather station which can stimulate new research ideas in them and can be used to develop projects in the field of climate and climate change to help the local community. Students were excited about this promising academic collaboration between the two countries.

The Vote of thanks was given by Prof. Sumedh Pundkar to conclude the inaugural session.