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Six Day faculty Development Program conducted at HRDC University of Mumbai by
Psychology faculty of SNDTWU
This Faculty Development Program, conducted at the Human Resource Development Center from October 5th to 10th, 2015, was co-ordinated by Dr. Anuradha Sovani, Professor and Head, Department of Psychology at SNDT WU, Mumbai. The theme of the course was Role of the teacher in Enhancing Student Potential. The entire training was very interactive and hands on, and was appreciated by the 43 participants.

The program focused on handling student stress, a session conducted by Ms. Anita Sanu, Assistant Professor, SNDT WU Department of Psychology, and a session on Building Resilience , wherein the trainer Dr. Mrinalini Purandare, Associate professor in the same Department, drew heavily on the Positive psychology perspective.

A computer laboratory based session helped teachers understand the Computer as a resource for teaching, learning and research, and was conducted by Dr. Savanur, with his wide experience in the field of Library Science.

Dr. Anuradha Sovani, the course co-ordinator , conducted two half day sessions on two days of the training course, focusing on helping teachers deal with their own emotions, and another session on helping students handle their emotions. She used an REBT and CBT based perspective.
There were sessions on the Sports Psychology perspective and the Indian Psychology perspective in Enhancing student potential, conducted respectively by Dr. Neeta Tatke, Vice Principal Ruparel college and Doctoral alumna of SNDT University , and by Ms. Mrinalini Rao.

Dr. Nilesh Thakre, Associate professor, Department of Psychology, SNDT WU, conducted an interactive half day session on teachers as transformational leaders.

A session by Dr. Tessie George of BARC on unleashing student potential drew the week to a close, and in the interim, the teacher participants also made presentations in the form of group discussions on predetermined topics, and were rated by Dr. Geeta Joshi, another Doctoral alumna of SNDTWU.