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 About Department

The department was established in the year 1966 with the help of U.G.C. grant student’s. The department has completed its four decades with providing services to the students’ community and plays a multifunctional role with an objective to develop overall personality of the students.


To Conducting University Students Council Election

• To Organizing Medical Checkup, Blood Check-up and
   Thalassaemia Check-up Camps for freshers in Church
   gate and Juhu Campus.

• To Health Programme for University Staff at both

• To Supervision and Organizing programmnes in the
   University Hostels in 3 Campuses, Churchgate, Juhu &

• To Preparing and selecting University teams to participate
   in Inter University level programmes at State and
   National level.

• To Organizing Inter Collegiate Youth Festivals consisting
  of 28 events based on Indian Culture and National
  Integration at Regions
  (Mumbai, Maharashtra & Gujarat level and Finals )

• To Organizing Tejaswini Contest to select the all-round
  best students of the University.

• To Organizing Leadership Programmes.

• To Organizing Exam Anxiety reduction programme for the
   final year students.

• To Organizing various workshops on relevant subject for
   selected students from conducted and affiliated colleges
   of S.N.D.T. University.

• To Counseling and advising students and if need be
   referring them to appropriate agencies for career.

• To Organizing programmes for Independence Day and
   Republic Day celebration at University level.

• To Organizing placement programmes.

• To Organizing various meetings Board of Student's
   Welfare, Principals, Cultural In-charge, Hostel Mentors,
   Hostel Student Committees, University Students’ Council.

• To To organize Youth Parliament (Inter Collegiate)

Our Mission

Our mission is to help the students in their physical, social, emotional as well intellectual development through extracurricular and co-curricular activities.

The Department co-ordinates with 236 colleges affiliated to and conducted by SNDT Women’s University in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Goa, Assam & other Areas.

The Department is engaged in developing the personality of the student in all spheres of life which it undertakes through various student-oriented programmes. It believes that given an opportunity, it will bring out the hidden talent of the students. It is to unravel these hidden talents in the students that we provide the opportunity as well as the conducive environment through its manifold programmes has left no stone unturned to provide ample opportunities for the welfare of the students and indulge them in its activities apart from studies.

Department of Student Development
S1, New Marine Lines, 1st floor,
Patkar Hall Building, Churchgate,
Mumbai – 400020
Dean of Students (Addl. Charge)
Dr. Nitin S. Prabhutendolkar

Assistant Dean of Students
Dr. Nitin S. Prabhutendolkar

• Mr. Gurunath Chavan (Peon)