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 About Department

Focus areas


• Sports Orientation Programme.
• Inter Collegiate Sports Tournaments. Level Participation.
• Inter University Sports Tournaments. Level Participation.
• District/ State/ National International Level participation.
• Regular Fitness Training in Yoga, Taekwondo, Boxing,
   Aerobics and fitness gym workouts.
• Sports training in various games of interest for pursuit in
   sports excellence.
• Conducting Workshops, Seminars, Conferences, P.T.
   Display, Meetings, Interactive talks and Demonstrations
   on sports and general well being.
• Maharashtra State Level Inter University Ashwamedh
   Sports Meet.
• Maharashtra State Swayamsidha (Self Defence) Course
   for Women.
• Sports Coaching Camps for colleges, university, slum,
   village and under privileged students.
• “Sports Learning Centre”
• Adventure Sports Club (hiking, trekking, rock climbing,
  mountaineering, cycling, jungle trip, skiing etc.)


• Teacher’s Day Programme.
• Harmony Games for teaching and non teaching staff.
• “AIDS” Awareness Programme through sports.
• Sports get-to-gether cum Prize Distribution Programme.
• Independence and Republic day Programmes.
• National Sports Day Programmes.
• Youth Cycling Rally / Walkatons.


The Department of Physical Education ORGANISES to sports and fitness activities for the students of the University, Colleges, working youth and housewives on the know-how of sports, the need for regular fitness and security measures for one’s well being.
Our aim is to initiate an holistic sports development of sporting relationship towards a fitness global world of enriched fit citizens.
The talented students are provided the opportunity to participate at the Local, Inter Colligate, Inter University, District, State, National & International Competitions in order to reach the highest ladder of sporting success. Linkages for enhancement in fitness and well being with other Colleges, Sports organisations, Corporates and government Institutions are also provided.

“Fitness is a need of the hour”- that develops the three fold systems (mind- body-spirit) through participation in Yoga, Aerobics, Swayamsidha, Boxing and other allied fitness activities.

Other information

“An interactive sports department with a positive attitude towards good health, well being and competitive spirit.”

Our Goals

• Development of an all round sports personality with good
   leadership qualities.
• Encourage active and competitive participation of sport
   women at College and University level with winning
• Inculcate fitness as a way of life.
• Adopt a healthy lifestyle in daily living.
• Provide suitable incentives to talented sports women.
• Create sports culture at the College, University and

Our Mission

Awareness towards Fitness-Wellness-Sportsman’s Spirit through healthy participation in Sports.

Our Motto

“3 fold development of the student (mind – body – spirit) through participation in the sports activities and pursuit of sports excellence.”

Our Aim

Holistic Sports Development of the students.
Contact :
+91-20-22031879 Ext. 261

Department of Physical Education,
1, New Marine Lines, 1st floor,
Patkar Hall Building, Churchgate,
Mumbai – 400020
Head of Department
Dr. Nitin S. Prabhutendolkar (Addl. Charge)

• Diploma in Yoga Teaching
• Yoga Course for Health and Well being
• Instructor’s Course in Yoga Teaching
• Certificate Course in Swayamsidha (Self Defence)
   for Housewives and Working Women
• Certificate Course in Aerobics Training
• Certificate Course in First – Aid
• Certificate Course on Sports Fitness & Functional
• Certificate Course for Gym Instructor
• Certificate Course in Sports Medicine
• Certificate Course for Aerobics Instructor

Teaching Faculty
• Dr. Nitin S. Prabhutendolkar (Addl. Charge)