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Vice Chancellor

Prof. Ujwala Chakradeo, VC SNDTWU

Prof. Ujwala Chakradeo

Hon’ble Vice Chancellor

Resume :    

  • SNDT WU – Vice Chancellor since September 2021 till date 

  • W.E.S’s Smt. ManoramabaiMundle College of Architecture - Professor and Principal (1997 September 2021)

  • W.E.S’s L.A.D. College Department of House and Interior Design , Head (1985- 1996)

  • Ph.D, Architecture, V.N.I.T. Nagpur, 2006 

  • Thesis- 'Impact of Social Change on Architecture Education of India'

  • M.Tech Urban Planning, 1989, V.R.C.E. Nagpur (2nd Merit)

  • B.Arch, 1984, V.R.C.E. Nagpur (2nd Merit)

  • Teaching Experience

    • W.E.S’s Smt. ManoramabaiMundle College of Architecture
      Professor (2003 – Present)
      Associate Professor (1997-2002)
      Assistant Professor (1985-1996)

    • Administrative Experience
      Principal, W.E.S’s Smt. ManoramabaiMundle College of Architecture(2008-Present)
      Head of the Department, Department of Architecture, L.A.D. College (1997-2002)
      Head of the Department, Department of House and Interior Design, L.A.D. College (1985-1996)

  • Head of Research and Consultancy cell – SMMCA, Nagpur

    Noted architectural projects -
    • Design and research Super Specialty Government Dental college, Nagpur (2020)
    • Administrative building of ICMR Nagpur 
    • Master Plan for Comprehensive Tourism Development for U.P. Tourism Department (2019-2020)
    • Various projects of Interior Design and architectural for R.T.M.N.U. Nagpur (2003-2020)
    • Design of Shrinivas Public School for W.E.S. 2017 
  • Private practice
    • Interior design of various departments of Irrigation and P.W.D. of Maharashtra
    • Individual residences 
    • Design of Shahid Smarak at zero Mile Nagpur 
  • Head of documentation cell of SMMCA
    • Documentation of heritage structures of Nagpur for Nagpur Municipal Corporation.
  • Member of UBA2.0
    • Framework for curricular development for Universities of India for Fostering Social Responsibility under Unnat Bharat Abhiyan 2.0 of MHRD
    • Member of SEG for UBA 2.0
  • Second Merit at University Level for B’Arch and M’Tech
  • First prize at national level architectural design of Shahid Smarak at Zero miles Nagpur
  • Recognition as one of the best schools of architecture of Nagpur region from Hon’ Minister Shri Nitinji Gadkari
  • Member of Planning Board of IGNOU
  • Member of National Board of Studies of Town Planning of AICTE
Sr. Title of the book/bookchapters Name of the publisher Institutions where referred for study
1. Eco-friendly Architecture of Harsil Valley - Anubhuti II Swaprakashan
Horizons of Experiential Learning: Architecture of Bhutan
3. Shodh Srilankecha /
Shrilankeche Vastusoundarya (Book Chapter)
ParamMitra Publications 
4. Scale Ani T Scale (Marathi) SahityaPrasar Kendra
5. Chapter Lifecycle Assessment Methods and Procedures and their role in measuring sustainability component of construction technology. 
In-Hasmi, Saleem and Choudhary, Imtiaz Ahmed (Eds.) Encyclopedia of Renewable and Sustainable Materials, Vol. 4, pp158-166. Oxford Elsevier -
  • Copy Rights

    Acquired copy rights for -
    • Taxonomy of Architectural Design – No. 3853/2015-CO/L (Concept)
    • The Architectural Design Process of Smt. ManoramabaiMundle College of Architecture (SMMCA) – 3857/2015-CO/L (Concept)
    • Transmission of Architectural Knowledge in Education (T.A.K.E.) Framework of Training Programme for Teachers of Architecture – 3855/2015-CO/L (Concept)

  • Approved Ph.D supervisor - R.T.M.N.U Nagpur
    • Research reviewing Committee member of R.T.M.N.U, Nagpur, Savitribai Fule Vidyapeeth, Pune, SRC of SPA Bhopal
    • Ph. D. guide for following students
      Sr. Student Thesis Title Period of Guideship PhD. Awarded in
      1. Ar. Sudhir Chavahan Holistic Design in Major Healthcare Campuses & It’s Design Application 15/05/10 to 9/07/2014 2016
      2. Ar. Sampada Peshwe Pedagogical Strategies for Creative Thinking in Architecture Design Studios 15/07/2010 to 13/1/2015 2016
      3. Ar. Gauri Shiurkar Cultural Heritage: Perspective of the Past and Perspective for the Future ……… Value Based Approach 15/05/2012 to 18/02/2016 2017
      4. Ar. Vathsala Srinivas Spatial Parameters in Learning Spaces - to improve the performance of the User 15/01/2011 to 12/01/2017 2018
      5. Ar. Madhura Rathod An Exploration of Spatial Design IDEAS through Human Sensory Perceptions 15/07/2011 to 15/05 2017 2019
      6. Ar. Tarika Dagadkar Regional Construction Technology Contribute to the Sustainable Development of the Region 15/05/2012 to 7/07/2017 2020
      7. Ar. Ujwala Khot "Critical Analysis of Architectural Influences of Indian Temple Architecture on Aghor Wat Archaeological Park, Cambodia". 16/04/2014 to 22/10/2018 2021
      8. Ar. Aparana Kolhe 'Understanding the Significance of Breathing Spaces in Urban Informal Spaces'. 17/10/2013 to 18/09/18 2018 Submitted
    • 5 students currently pursuing Ph.D.
  • Research projects
    • Design and research Super specialty Government Dental college, Nagpur (2020)
    • Master Plan for Comprehensive Tourism Development for U.P. Tourism Department (2019-2020) 
    • Documentation of heritage structures of Nagpur for Nagpur Municipal Corporation. 
    • Fostering social responsibility under Unnat Bharat Abhiyan 2.0 for UGC  
  • Chairperson Board of Studies, R.T.M.NU. Nagpur 
  • Member of Academic Council R.T.M.N.U. Nagpur 
  • Member of Faculty of Engineering and Tech RTMNU 
  • President of Maharashtra Association of Schools of Architecture 
  • Secretary of Maharashtra Association of Schools of Architecture 
  • Member of Planning Board of IGNOU 
  • Member of Planning Board of All India Town and Country Planning of AICTE 
  • Member of Heritage Conservation Committee of Nagpur Municipal Corporation. 
  • Convener of Expert Committee for colleges of Architecture by Council of Architecture 
  • Nominee of Council of Architecture for staff selection in colleges of Architecture 
  • VC’s nominee for selection of Staff in Colleges of Architecture RTMNU
  • Member of PG Board of Council of Architecture 
  • Member of special committee to reframe Minimum Standards of Architecture Education by 
    By Council of Architecture. 
    Member of Documentation of heritage of India by Council of Architecture. 
  • President Maharashtra Association of Schools of Architecture 
  • In-charge of Centralised Admission Process for admissions to first year architecture course in Maharashtra for Maharashtra Association of Schools of Architecture 
  • Chairperson of Hostel Committee of WES’s Hostel on Seminary Hills
  • Convener of International Conference Paradox to Paradigm in 2018 
  • Convener of International Conference Research for Resurgence in 2016 
  • President of UWAN 
  • President of Vidarbha region of Bhartiya Shikshan Mandal 
  • Coordinator for Teacher’s Training Programmes for teachers of architecture of India and outside India. These training programmes were sponsored by Council of Architecture for quality improvement in architecture education through improvement of teachers. Almost 11 such training programmes have been coordinated by me.
Sr. Institution Statutory forum/authority and position From To Total (in years and month)
1 UGC Member of SEG for framing guidelines for fostering social responsibilities amongst students and teachers training programme there on.  2020 Till date  
2. Council of Architecture Member of Post Graduate Education 
2021 Till date  
3. Council of Architecture Member of documentation committee  2019 Till date  
4. AICTE Member of All India Board of Town and Country Planning 2019 Till date  
5. AICTE Expert for accreditation of Eng. colleges of India  2017 Till date  
6. Council of Architecture Nominee on selection committee  2007 Till date  
7. Council of Architecture Chairperson/member – expert committee for accreditation of colleges of architecture  2007 Till date  
8. Council of Architecture Steering Committee on Documentation – Member 2020 2003 3 years
9. SPA Bhopal Expert on student research committee  2015 2019 4 years 
10. RTMNU RUSA 11.5.16 --- ---
11. RTMNU BCUD --- --- ---
12. CEPT, Ahmedabad Ph.D. supervisor 2012 2015 04 years
13. Pune University RRC Member 2018 Till date 02 years
14. SVVV, Indore Member of Board of Studies 22.03.19
Till date 01 year
15. BATU Member of Faculty of Architecture --- --- ---
16. KKSU Board of Studies Vastushastra 2003 Till date 17 years
17. Nagpur University  Ashwamegh 99, 3rd Maharashtra level interuniversity sports festival 27.11.99 01.12.99 01 year
18. Nagpur University  Organizing committee of West Zone Inter University youth festival 2001 --- ---
19. RTMNU Selection Committee --- --- ---
20. RTMNU Member /Chairman of LEC --- --- ---
21. RTMNU Member of Moderation committee --- --- ---
22. RTMNU Member of 32/5 --- --- ---
23. RTMNU Taskforce committee --- --- 05 years
24. RTMNU Research Reviewing committee 2007 Till date 14 years
25. RTMNU Board of Students Development Committee 2018 Till date 03 years
26. RTMNU Academic Council 2006 2016 10 years(2terms)
27. RTMNU Faculty of Engineering and Technology/ 1997 2017 20 years
28. RTMNU Board of Studies Architecture 1997 Till date 24 years
29. RTMNU Board of Studies of HSc  1985 1996  
Sr. Title of Publication Name of International Journal Month and Year of Publication
1. Exploring Attributes of Public Open Spaces Through User’s Perception at Lake front spaces of Nagpur City   Tropical Transcends in Science, Technology & Management 
ISBN: 978-81-946370-7-3
2. ‘Creativity Techniques for the Pedagogical Process in Architecture Design Studios’  1st International Congress of Retevitruvio, titled ‘Architectural Design between Teaching & Research’
At Bari Italy
3rd to 7th May 2011
ISBN 978-88-95612-78-2
3. Lifecycle Assessment Methods and Procedures and their role in measuring sustainability component of construction technology. In-Hasmi, Saleem and Choudhary, Imtiaz Ahmed (Eds.) Encyclopaedia of Renewable and Sustainable Materials, Vol. 4, pp158-166 also in ISBN - 9780128035818
Elsevier Science Direct Reference Module in Materials Science and Materials Engineering 2019. Oxford Elsevier
January – 2019
4. Analyzing the Development of Khmer Temple Architecture and Dravidian Temple

Architecture from 8th To 12th AD: A Case Study
Asian Studies International Journal
Vol I, Issue No.1(December 2019): Pages 71-79
©ICRD Publication
ISSN 2279-1949
Asian Studies International Journal 
5. ‘Stimulating Creativity Through Synetics Abacus, a biannual internationally refereed journal, Monsoon BITS Mesra 2013 (Volume 8 Number 2)(ISSN 0973 8339).
6. The Concept Test Model - An Exegesis: Application in Architectural Pedagogy’ in Tat – Tvam International Refereed Journal of Architecture and Allied Disciplines,  April 2012 (Vol. 01, Issue 01)
7. ‘Enhancing Creativity’ in Architecture:  Time, Space and People,
Refereed journal of Council of Architecture 
March 2012 (Vol. 12, Issue 3)
International Conference on Sustainable Architecture Technologies and Built Environment at Tanjaur
Issn no. 978-81-944228-2-2
Dec 2019
9. Impact of Urbanisation on Deterioration of Lakes International Conference on Sustainable Architecture Technologies and Built Environment, ISSN No. 978- 81-927014-5-5 Jan 2020
10. Reflections and learning outcomes: Approaches to analyse the learning of pedagogical assignments in the UG course of architecture. Details of Organisers:
International Conference on Architecture Pedagogy
Faculty of Architecture & Ekistics
New Delhi-110025
11-13th November 2019
11th to 13th Nov 2019 
11. Architecture in the age of network society  International conference 
Paradox to Paradigm
ISBN NUMBER 978-93-80985-18-3
9-10 March 2018
12. Experiencing Architecture Through Olfactory sense  'Research Journal Vol. 10, No. (2),2014  2014
13. Design-Pedagogy, A tested Path. Archnet-IJAR, International Journal of Architectural Research
(Volume 4- Issues 2-3), edited by Ashraf M. Salama and Michael J. Crosbie, Issn No
July & November 2010
14. Housing - Challenges in Design Studio INTERNATIONAL Conference of International Association for Humane Habitat at Rizvi College of Architecture
Explorations and Prospects for a Better Built Environment.
Jan 2010
15. Inspiring Spaces for Creative Learning in Architecture. Inaugural Issue of SPANDREL
Of SPA Bhopal, Issn No. Spandrel, ISSN 2231-4601
March 2010
16. Research paper on “Transmission of Knowledge in Architecture Education”  ABACUS - A Biannual International Journal on Architecture, Conservation & Urban Studies by BITS Mesra, Ranchi
(Vol. -3 – No.1), Issn No. 09738339
Sep 2008
17. Essay on Teaching Design Organized by – 
Easter Mediterranean University EMU., Turkey for Teachers of Architecture.
April 2006
18. Paper Title: Exploring Attributes
of Public Open Spaces through
Users’ Perceptions at Lakefront
Spaces of Nagpur City.
International Conference Organizing
Institution: Sai Vidya Institute of
Technology, Bengaluru, Karnataka on Topical Transcends in Science, Technology & Management) 2020 Test Engineering and Management (ISSN: 0193-4120)”
Feb 2020
19. Impact of Social Change on Architectural Education A CAA, Arcasia, HKIA International Conference, July 2001, HongKong July 2001
20. Designing for People  10th Asian Congress of Architects, 5-7 Dec. 2002, Architects Regional Council Asia and Architecture Time Space and People Vol. 7 Issue 9 Nov. 2003 Dec 2002 & Nov. 2003

Note: have studied National Education Policy 2020 and tried to understand its impact on future of India. Written and published various articles and blogs on NEP. Lectured on various forum on NEP.

Prof. Ujwala Chakradeo Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, SNDTWU Interview in AIR Mumbai By Neha Khare

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