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Research Studies at SNDTWU

  1. Information Seeking Behaviour & LOCK DOWN 1.0 of Covid 19 : Survey of Connected Indians (Preliminary Findings) by Professor Mira Desai (March-April 2020)   

  2. Issues, Problems Due to  Covid-19 and Lockdown in Mumbai by Professor Meera Shankar (April 2020)   

  3. Digital Media and Lock Down 3.0: Study of Connected Indians by Prof Mira K Desai (June 2020)  

  4. Comparative study of Corona Virus in Maharashtra and Odisha under Ek Bharat Shreshta Bharat by Department of Social Work  

  5. Research by Student of Department of Human Development on Family concerns of young adults during lock down  

  6. MA Media Communication Students Paper Abstract on Women and Work during Covid Pandemic