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Bhartiya Gyan, Sanskrit Evam Yog Kendra

About Department

In early 2022, in accordance with the National Education Policy 2020, and the IKS Mission of the MOE, Government of India, under the vibrant leadership of Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Prof. Ujwala Chakradeo, the SNDT Women’s University has envisaged the setting up of a Centre that has a deep rooted commitment for Indian knowledge based approaches and practices. In line with the University’s broader vision, the Bhartiya Gyan, Sanskrit Evam Yog Kendra (Centre for Indian Knowledge, Sanskrit & Yoga) was inaugurated on September 19th 2022 at the Juhu campus of the University. The Centre aims at nurturing an ecosystem of teaching-training-learning by encouraging interdisciplinary research, promoted through Indian languages.

  • Collating, preserving, documenting, and disseminating Indian knowledge through technological innovations

  • Developing a scholarly acumen through interdisciplinary research, training and outreach to imbibe values of inclusiveness, sustainability, harmony and progress

  • Building collaborations to promote Indian heritage, artistic traditions and foster culture and diplomacy

  • Promoting Indian languages and support translation in various languages

  • The Bhartiya Gyan, Sanskrit Evam Yog Kendra envisions its role in developing a knowledge hub through transforming educational and research practices by promoting holistic education. The Centre puts emphasis on interfacing and blending of ancient and modern Indian knowledge traditions, with specific focus on Sanskrit and Yog. The vision of the Centre revolves around encouraging, facilitating and cultivating an environment of learning rooted in the Indian cultural traditions, ethical principles and human values.