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SNDT College of Arts C. Bhogilal College of Commerce, Churchgate

About College


Maharshi Dhondo Keshav Karve established an ashram for widows and school for girls at Hingne village near Pune in 1896.This become the stepping stone for the first Indian Women’s University in 1916. Sir Vithaldas Thackersey made a generous contribution of 15 lacs to commemorate the memory of his mother Smt.Nathibai, and the University was renamed as Smt.Nathibai Damodar Thackersey Women’s University in 1920, The University has all India jurisdiction and it is the first University in Maharashtra accredited with the 5 stars status by NAAC.

The University is a symbol of Excellence in Higher Education for Women. SNDT College of Arts & S.C.B.College of Commerce & Science for Women, the first conducted college of SNDT Women’s University in Mumbai, was started on 8th June, 1931. Sanskrita Stree Parashakti (An Enlightened Women is a source of Infinite Strength) is the motto of the college.

Empowerment of women through education is its mission. The college which started with the enrollment of only four students became a full fledged college offering subjects - like Social Sociences,Arts,Fine Art, Education, Nursing, Home Science and, Post Graduate Departments.

Later, the Post Graduate departments, Education, Nursing and Home Science became independent colleges. Today the college offers of B.A degree in 5 languages, 6 Social Science subjects, Bachelors in Visual Art and Music. It has’ B.Com. and B.Sc.I.T. degrees, three vocational courses, three certificate courses and four enrichment courses. It also has a junior college with Arts & commerce faculties. The medium of instructions are English, Gujarati, and Marathi. The college is equipped with modern amenities to facilities promote the best in higher education.

The college is centrally located with easy access from both Churchgate Railway Station on the western side and C.S.T. on the central railway side.

- First conducted college of SNDT Women’s University in Mumbai.

- Academic excellence and brilliant faculty in all field.

- Semester system with credits.

- Continuous internal evaluation.

- Constant up gradation of curriculum.

- Subject wise student’s association, direct feedback from students.

- Practical link with industries.

- Safe, enjoyable and friendly environment.

- Active career planning and ensured quality placement.

- Awareness about women’s issues and rights with rational outlook towards society.

- Awareness about contemporary issues.

- Under UGC x 1 Plan Mearge Scheme - remedial coaching classes to prepare students from SC, ST, OBC and minority community for competative examinations have been started.

Empower women to face the challenges in the competitive and demanding global Environment.

• Provide multidisciplinary academic and vocational courses for students to meet the socio-economic demands

• Engage students in research activities in emerging areas of study with focus on women's perspectives.

• Inculcate among students positive self-concept, awareness of women's issues and rights with a rational outlook towards society

• Impart meaningful education with social relevance and orientation

• Achieve excellence in the academic and extension activities through emphasis on 'quality in every activity'.

• To provide an empowerment to equip women with knowledge and skills to meet the challenges of an ever changing global scenario.

• To facilitate economic development through career oriented courses.

• To create an awareness about human values and social responsibilities through purposeful education

In the light of this vision, the University has envisaged the mission to be: “SNDT Women’s University is committed to the cause of women’s empowerment through access to education, particularly, higher education, through relevant courses in the formal and non-formal streams. Further the university is committed to provide a wide range of professional and vocational courses for women to meet the changing socio-economic needs, with human values and purposeful social responsibility and to achieve excellence with “Quality in every Activity”.

“Sanskrita Stree Parashakti”, meaning ‘An enlightened woman is a source of infinite strength’, aptly encapsulates the vision of Maharshi Karve to build a citadel of learning for women. The College, for over nine decades, has been striving hard to translate this motto into reality.

The Vision of the University is: “Today we visualize the SNDT Women’s University as a world class university that continually responds to the changing social realities through the development and application of knowledge. The purpose of such engagement will be to create an inclusive society that promotes and protects the dignity, equality, social justice, and human rights for all, with special emphasis on empowerment of women.”