Department of Educational Technology

The Department of Educational Technology (DET) is one of the five Educational Technology departments in India and the only University department offering formal Master level degree in the field of Instructional Design. The department aims at developing skills in the field of Educational Technology so as to enable teachers and instructional designers to provide quality education, research in the related areas and provide services related to educational content and instructional planning.

Our Goals

  • To provide technology-based support to educational institutions in enhancing the quality of the teaching-learning process. 

  • To fulfill the national need for trained teachers and researchers in the field of Educational Technology. 

  • To develop the skills and expertise required for developing high quality educational software.


Major teaching-training areas of the department are Educational Technology, eLearning, Instructional Design and Collaborative Learning. The department offers Graduate programme of four semesters in Educational Technology . The graduates contribute to the field of instructional design for developing material – learning resources, online courses and managing virtual learning environments.
DET also offers Online credit programme in Instructional Design, PG Diploma in Instructional Design and Doctoral programme in Educational Technology. The detailed information of these programmes is available at:

The Department believes in strengthening the field of Educational Technology by research. Thrust research areas of the DET are Evaluation research, e-learning, ICT in Higher Education, e-content, Open and Distance Learning, etc. Various pedagogical approaches and co-operative strategies in the face-to-face as well as web-based mode are being explored through the research studies undertaken at the department and by research students.

The major strength of the department lies in development of eContents. The DET has so far developed huge resources in the form of Interactive Multimedia Packages, Learning Objects and Open Education Resources. The resources cater to all levels of education ranging from K-12 to Higher Education. DET possesses expertise in the development of Open and Distance Learning material, training manuals and learning materials.


The department also offers services and consultancy in learning solutions, instructional design and curriculum design. The department is actively involved in extension activities as it believes in collaboration, co-operation, spreading knowledge and skills in other sectors of the society. The DET has worked closely with rural teachers for their pedagogical skill development and has contributed to the multimedia development projects for rural schools. The DET is presently involved in mass-training of University and college faculty in ‘Integration of ICTs in Higher Education’. The department has strong collaboration linkages with various national organizations such as NIOS, IGNOU, MHRD, other Universities and international organizations such as Commonwealth of Learning, Regina University, Canada, Florida State University, USA and Wawasan Open University, Malaysia.

Faculty position:
Dr. Jayashree Shinde
(Head I/C )

Teaching-training, development and research activities are supported by several visiting faculty and experts in the field of Educational Technology and instructional design.

Department of Educational Technology
SNDT Women’s University
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